Wintergreen Fine Cut

Indulge in the cool, crisp flavor of Fine Cut Wintergreen - 100% American-grown, perfectly blended tobacco for those seeing a fresh, satisfying dipping experience.


Jeff Allcorn
July 17, 2021

Been dipping for 30 years and this is the only brand that I will use

Chuck Dunlap
July 23, 2021

Long cut wintergreen Great

Travis Ellenburg
August 1, 2021

Great flavor, great texture, easy to pinch, I would definitely make it my everyday snuff.

William Bennett
August 22, 2021

Great for the price

Jason Roberts
September 12, 2021

I like the price.and very similar taste to skoal

Dave Johnson
September 13, 2021

I've been chewing for over 50 years, and I've been chewing Silver Creek wintergreen fine cut for probably the last 25. Tastes just like Skoal at a lot better price.

Nick W
May 16, 2022

My Every day dip! Great flavor and good price! Was my very first dip experience.

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