Frequently Asked Questions


Get your questions answered!

Where can I find Creek products?

You can use the Store Locator on the website. It’ll direct you to the store closest to you that has your favorite Creek blend. If that store doesn’t carry your Creek product, you can always request they get it! Still struggling, submit a request and we will help.  

Who can I contact about quality issues?

Please submit a request detailing the issue and we’ll look into it!

What’s the deal with privacy on this website? Do you sell my information to anyone?

Creek considers the information shared on this site to be personal and confidential. We do not sell, rent, transmit or share any of it, including e-mail addresses, with other organizations.

Why should I sign up to get emails?

When you sign up, Creek will let you know about upcoming special offers, retail promotions and sweepstakes. It’s free to sign up and you can opt out whenever you want.

Where is your tobacco grown?

We’re proud to claim that our products are made from 100% American grown tobacco.

Will you be coming out with new flavors?

If you have a favorite you’d like us to try, click here to Submit a Request and send us your thoughts. We’d love to hear them.

My store doesn’t carry my Creek blend. Can I get them to carry it?

Click here to submit a request and send us the name of the store and your favorite blend. We’ll reach out and get back to you.

I have another question...

For any other questions, click Submit a Request and we’ll get back to you.