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Long Cut Moist Snuff Tobacco

Here for a long time and a good time? Pick up some long cut dip and get ready to explore. With four exclusive blends, 100% American-grown tobacco, and a state-of the art production facility, Creek Moist Snuff Tobacco offers the best long cut snuff for any adventurer.

Discover Creek's Best Long Cut Moist Snuff for Adventurers and Pioneers


Like you, we never settle for second-best and put our whole heart into our premium smokeless tobacco. To put it shortly, we hold our long cut dip to standards as high as your own. Pick up a long-time favorite or try a new blend today and experience the good times that are sure to follow when you’re enjoying the best long cut dip in the nation.


You work hard so you can live fully, and you deserve a premium dip that will keep up with your adventures. That’s exactly why Creek Smokeless Tobacco is the smartest choice for the dedicated sportsman and motivated leader. Like you, we are also deeply committed to our craft and offer four unique blends of our premium long cut snuff. These time-honored classics include Straight, Wintergreen, Mint, and Cherry. Each one offers a unique experience, and all pair well with a day of adventure.


Your dip should never hold you back, which is why we designed our long cut snuff to be a must-have for the active explorer. When you’re looking for a dip that is easy to pack and pinch, and will withstand even the most challenging physical activities, everyone worth his salt knows Creek is the right choice.


Creek long cut Moist Snuff is handcrafted by homegrown folks working to enhance the lives of other trailblazers and competitors who are always seeking new experiences. Our wide variety of blends will help you break from the mold and reach new limits on the field, in the water, and anywhere else your spirit takes you. With Creek, you will experience the unparalleled flavors, premium ingredients, and specially-engineered packaging that make this the best long cut dip...and a confident man’s trusted companion on any adventure. 


Grab your gear, hit the road, and enjoy your favorite Creek blend.  Find Creek long cut Moist Snuff near you by using our interactive map.