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From The Pioneer Blog | September 2021

The Best River Beers, Ranked


Gone are the days when anglers and outdoor-lovers would have to resort to drinking the standard brews produced by the handful of macro-breweries across the country. Now, there are a plethora of outstanding microbreweries that offer distinct and seasonally-appropriate flavors of beer that truly enhance the experience of being on the river.  

If you’re searching for the perfect brew to carry along on your next river adventure, we’re one step ahead of you in researching and compiling important information pertaining to the best river beers. 

1. IPA (India Pale Ale)  

Our No. 1 pick for the best river beers is the IPA. IPAs offer outstanding blend of golden, citrus-flavored hops combined with a few different tropical fruits like pineapple and others. The fruity hints are not overwhelming and work well to enhance this well-brewed IPA in a way that makes it go down as smooth and easy as the waters of the Chattahoochee River.

2. Pale Ale 

Similar to the IPA, this unique beer is brewed to have malty hints of caramel with a lighthearted consistency that makes it ideal for being smooth-drinking, easy-going brew. It is typically less hoppy than standard IPAs and will go down easy just like a lazy afternoon on the river.

3. German Radler/Shandy 

There’s nothing quite like a Radler or Shandy that embodies everything there is to love about summer. Classic pilsner or lager beer mixed with a sparkly lemonade fires on all cylinders in the heat of summer.

This delicious, seasonal beer mixture is easily among the best choices for those who want a beer that simply completes their summertime river adventures with incredible flavor and drinkability.

4. Session IPA 

For those that want the floral flavor of an IPA but don’t want the high alcohol, this is the one. Perfect for a session on the river. This brew is one that could have easily landed in our No. 1 spot and it’s perfect for all-day fishing trips as you’ll be virtually guaranteed to catch either a fish, or a buzz—or both.

5. German Style Pilsner

 German-style pilsners are incredibly smooth and offer a light and clean finish that makes it one of the top choices for floating along a cold, lazy river where a heavier, thicker beer simply doesn’t belong. If you’re a fan of mildly-sweet beer that doesn’t hold back on the cascade hops, the German-style Pilsner a great selection to quench your thirst and keep you moving downstream.

6. Brown Ale

If you’re an avid angler, you probably are already aware that a 20” Brown is an impressive catch that should always be admired. Craft brown ales are packed with a flavor that’s both malty and sweet in a way that isn’t too heavy—which is perfect for long days on the river banks chasing after the elusive brown trout that are known to prowl the waters of most local rivers.

Next time you're planning a trip on the river, don't forget to make two essential pit stops – one to find Creek moist snuff near you and another to enjoy one of these awesome river beers.


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